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had my first dj set at a party last night so i thought i’d up a mix to… commemorate

Dream Continuum- Set It

Obey City- Melted Magic

Lunice- Bricks

Nicki Minaj feat. 2 Chainz - Beez In The Trap

Machinedrum- Lemme F_ck It

Major Lazer- Can’t Stop Now (Kicks Like A Mule Remix) feat. Azealia Banks

The Throne- Gotta Have It

Dorrough Music- Bounce Dat

DJ Slugo- Juke Me From The Back Low

Kongoko- Dollar

Ramadanman- Work Them

Dream Continuum- B Free

Cutty Ranks- Limb By Limb

all 150+ bpm


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can i let you in on a little secret internet? i dont really like recording.

dont get me wrong i love records and i love making music but there is something so definite about recording that i find slightly overwhelming. its hard when you have been living with an unfinished idea for months, sometimes even years. its been going round your head in so many different permutations and then you are given an opportunity to crystallize it forever, knowing that it will always exist for people even after you die. you will never be able to change it again, that thought itself can be quite intimidating.

knowing what to add to a song to make it better and not worse is a very delicate thing. so when we started making this record i promised myself that i wouldnt listen to the songs during playback. i wanted this whole process to remain fresh for me as it could be.

it was only when i was alone in the studio this weekend trying out vocal ideas that i was able to take stock of where we are at right now in the process. im so glad that i did not immerse myself in the music like i have done previously. this way i was able to hear things that i have never heard before, things that inspired me in different ways. i realise now that it is the best feeling to be able to be able to experience your own music in the way that strangers will experience it.

although recording is definetly the most challenging part of the process, at times it can also be the most magical.


couldnt say it better myself



hudson mohawke / benji b earlier this month. i managed to make a blurry appearance in two of these, just about

haha and tom bottom right of the top one

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